ATD Solutions is a software services company specialising within the commercial and consumer finance market. Staffed by both industry and technology experts we focus on:

  • Software Solutions - a growing range of innovative software products delivering long term customer benefits via regular product upgrades.
  • Software Development Services - full lifecycle development services tailored to meet specific business needs.
  • Hosting Services - the flexibility to quickly implement ATD products without impacting existing IT facilities.

We work with finance companies, consultancies and service providers offering a practical and common-sense approach that helps achieve real results.

Software Solutions

We continuingly invest in enhancing and expanding our product range. Customer and market led, our aim is to provide functionally rich easy to use software that keeps pace with changing market needs.

  • Asset Valuation System (AVS) – Quick and easy forecasting and re-forecasting of vehicle values at current or any future date. It is data supplier independent (works with CAP, EurotaxGlass etc.) and can be deployed in any country where valuation data is available.


  • Vehicle Matching System (VMS) – Automatic matching and encoding of vehicle records (Make, Model, Description) to any industry coding standard. Also cross matches vehicle records from one coding standard to another.


  • Complete Asset Analysis and Reporting Suite (CAARS) – developed in partnership with Trilogy Business Application Consultancy Ltd. CAARS is a suite of software products to meet a range of business needs within financial services, all with the same fundamental challenge: complex business data. CAARS solutions currently include:
    • Complete Asset Backed Securitisation (ABS) Manager: Management of Asset Backed Securitisation (ABS) transactions (revolving and term) from pool selection to investor reporting and loan level data production.
    • Complete Asset Backed Securitisation (ABS) Test Harness: Providing independent verification for all data used within an ABS solution (including Excess Spread and/or DCF calculations).
    • Rating Agency Due Diligence Data and Reporting: Historical portfolio performance reporting presented in summary in the format expected by Rating Agencies and Investors.
    • Reclaim VAT System: Calculating VAT bad debt reclaims and refunds including Regulation 38 reclaims.
    • IFRS9: Calculating the Probability of Default (PD, 12 month and lifetime), Loss Given Default (LGD) and Expected Credit Losses (ECL). Interactive / real-time modelling of future macro-economic, market or organisational events and their potential impact on PD, LGD and ECL.


  • Grapevine – Order processing and Stock Control. Easy to use Sales Order Processing and Inventory Management including a Customer Portal with on-line ordering and real time order status updates.

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Software Development Services

ATD’s development skills together with our specialist industry experience put us in the perfect position to translate niche business needs into effective and reliable software solutions. Departmental applications, financial reporting, risk analysis, data consolidation, systems interfacing etc. all benefit from a specialist supplier with a solid track record.
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Hosting Services

ATD offers the flexibility to deploy its software without impacting a customers existing IT infrastructure. Depending on the detailed customer requirement this could utilise ATD's own IT facilities or those of a 3rd party e.g Microsoft Azure.

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