What does VMS do?

VMS provides a quick and easy way to cross match vehicle data from one vehicle coding system to another. It can also cross match vehicle fleets to any vehicle coding system.

With data providers such as Glass’s, FleetNet, CAP and CDL, as well as individual vehicle manufacturers, all having their own vehicle codes, encoding and cross-matching vehicle data is a common problem. Not only that, as new vehicles are released into the market each month it is a constantly moving target.

VMS can work with vehicle data held in any storage format, and most importantly is able to cope with data of varying quality and accuracy. Its sophisticated data matching algorithms easily handle different terminology, abbreviations, concatenations as well as missing / incomplete data. Thousands of vehicles can be matched in minutes. With every match made, other possible matches are offered and ranked in order, with the user being able to select a match (or matches) manually and override the system. When matches are saved, VMS learns from decisions made to help with later matching runs.

Who might use VMS?

  • Vehicle data providers, Manufacturers and vehicle based system suppliers
  • Fleet, contract hire, retail finance, rental/hire companies
  • Insurance, servicing, repair and parts companies
  • Anyone with a sizable vehicle fleet

Why use VMS?

  • Automate and control the whole vehicle matching process
  • Reduce costs and improve matching quality
  • Easily keep up to date when new vehicles/codes are issued into the market each month
  • Gain independence from 3rd party published code linking tables

How does VMS work?

  • Accepts vehicle data in virtually any format (via user controlled settings)
  • Supports any number of data sets, CAP, FleetNet, Glass’s etc, in the one system
  • User settings allow the matching process to be optimised to suit the data being matched
  • Has 2 way matching for complete coverage (e.g CAP to FleetNet and FleetNet to CAP)
  • Matches can be one to one or one to many
  • System matches can be manually over-ridden (with full audit control, who, what, when)
  • All decisions made are retained and used in subsequent matching runs
  • Includes a User Report Writer for complete flexibility of Exporting/Reporting
  • VMS is modern technology and can be installed on a single PC or PC/Server environment